The standard household has numerous points by which it can be entered, therefore it is essential to ensure that all entry points are accounted for when considering home security. It is obvious that the first port of call is the security of your door, for it is the door that many criminals will target first in any attempt to gain entry to your property.

If in the past you have left your home security to another party and you are now considering taking care of it yourself, be that because you have just moved home or that you just fancy an upgrade, for example. It is advisable that you take some advice from one of our expert locksmiths. You can contact us for a booking, and we will make your security our priority.

lock-replacementsNot only do we have expert locksmiths with years of experience but we can also guarantee that we use this experience to safeguard the standard of your locks with the intention of keeping your family safe. In addition, we will use this vast amount of experience to check existing locks, this is essential, for it is common in older houses that there are weaknesses in older locking mechanisms, therefore making an upgrade vital.

Our locksmiths stock the stock the latest models of lock and are able to see if an upgrade is needed, so if you know that your locks are out-dated or would like to find out, call today and a locksmith will be able to visit you at a convenient time. You could be just hours away from a brand new lock, protecting your family from the attack from a burglar.

Safety Check

Not only can you put your faith in us to respond rapidly and reliably, but in addition, we have been working with local police to protect homes and ensure both security and peace of mind in our community. Our locksmiths are mobile and work in North East 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We have the ability to unlock your car if the keys are lost or trapped inside, we can also safely drill the lock of a safe if needs be. If you need this service, we have the expert locksmiths at your disposal. All of our locksmiths are experts at, for example, extracting a key which has broken off in a lock, or repairing the lock on a patio door. We can provide these services day or night at rates that are competitive.

It is common to get lock out of your business premises, your car, or the place you call home, and we are happy to help you get on with your day as soon as possible. Our rates are very competitive both during the day and through the night, this applies to both home call outs and to business premises, so do not hesitate to call us, no job is too big or too small for our expert locksmiths.

At the moment we are in consultation with local councils to prevent burglars from gaining entry to premises. We have come up with some key points to follow:

Ensure your locks are up to date
Check that your home or business premises are secure
Check that your family or workers are safe
Check that your possessions or products are safely locked away or secure

Please contact us if you feel that you need advice from our locksmiths or need work of a high standard at a competitive rate.

Don’T Get Left Behind

Technology and security are changing and improving almost daily, a nod to the importance security. We have to keep abreast of the latest news in order to supply the best products. We know that security is not only important from a personal point of view, but also for commercial premises. In addition, we also know that delving into the world of security can be overwhelming.

However, our locksmiths want to make it clear that security is needed for peace of mind and mental well being, and if this is not achieved it will continue to be a weight on your shoulders.

We feel that if you can make a change in your life that will make you feel safer and take some of the pressure off your day to day, you should make that change and we have made it easy for you to make this change, we make you and your safety our priority. Therefore, no job too big or too small, and you can expect top-notch installations, advice, and service on demand. We can offer service on all aspects of security, be that keys, locks, lock-outs, no mater what time of the day, at your convenience.

Our belief is that if we work as one, we are stronger, and with more knowledge with regards to security we can eliminate the risk in our homes, businesses and community. So if you are willing to dip your toes, seeking to improve the security of your home or business, we believe we will get on swimmingly! We are here to help anyway we can, please do not hesitate and get in touch today.

Call us on the phone number above, or use our contact page to get in touch today!