Locksmith Services Newcastle

24-Hour Call Out

We offer a true, 24-hour emergency locksmith call out service across the whole of the Newcastle area. If you have locked yourself out of your home, commercial premises, or vehicle, we can be on site quickly to solve your problem. We have multiple locations across the Newcastle region including

so we are never far away. This means that our response times are very rapid.

Assisted Building Entry

If you have locked yourself out of your home, office or commercial premises, we can help you to get in. There are multiple methods we can use to do this. From picking the lock, to forcing entry through a suitable access point. We always try and keep damage to a minimum when we have to force entry, and will always tell you exactly what we plan to do, and ask for your permission before we do it. If we need to force the lock to get in, we carry a range of spares in stock, so we can usually repair the lock before we leave for you.

Key Cutting & Copying

We offer a full key cutting service. This includes copying simple keys, such as Yale keys and also copying security keys. We can copy your keys on-site using our mobile key cutting service. We carry a full range of key blanks, and should be able to copy most keys. This includes keys that are designed not to be copied.

Master Key Systems

By installing a master key system in your office or other commercial premises, one master key will have access to every part of the building, no matter how many locks it is secured by. This allows you to provide a simple, secure way for employees such as night watchmen and security guards to gain access to any part of the building they need to, without carrying a large bunch of keys. This is also a great way to ensure that no part of the building becomes inaccessible, due to the key being lost, you will always have the master key on hand to get in.

Lock Repairs

We carry a massive range of lock parts in stock. This means that we can repair almost any lock that our customers need fixed. Repairs can be done quickly, and we can provide you with as many copies of the new keys as you need. Repairing a lock, if possible, is usually a much cheaper option than having locks replaced. We are happy to give you a price on both options, so that you can decide which is best for you.

Lock Replacement

Sometimes, a lock simply cannot be repaired. The lock is too old, no longer made, or the parts are no longer available. In these cases, we can almost always offer you an equivalent lock, that will fit as a direct replacement for the one existing one. In some cases, we may need to modify the window, door or frame to suit the new lock, and we will always tell you when we need to do this, and ask for your permission to do so.

UPVC Door Repairs

UPVC doors, windows and frames, although relatively inexpensive and hard wearing, pose something of a problem to locksmiths. UPVC can easily be damaged when old locks are being removed. It can also become brittle with age, making lock repairs tricky. We carry a wide range of locks suitable for UPVC installations, and are happy to give you a free quote on any work you need to be carried out.

Auto Locksmithing

Long gone are the days when a car, van or lorry was secured using a simple key. Most vehicle security systems these days, require both the correct key and the correct key fob to operate. We can help with replacing lost or stolen keys, and repairing damages key fobs or ordering replacements from the manufacturer. In worst cases, we can fit entirely new locks to the vehicle, and provide you with a new key and fob.

Additional Services

If you have special requirements, something a little out of the ordinary, then we are always up for a challenge. If the problem is related to physical building security, we would be happy to try and help you. Give us a call and discuss the matter now.

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